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Program for Young Chefs (ages 6-8)



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The Young Chefs program is designed for children ages 6 to 8. In these hands-on classes, we encourage “all by myself” food preparation, and focus on simple recipes that the kids can accomplish and relate to. The accomplishments will lead to confidence in the kitchen. Children will learn age-appropriate basics of food and kitchen safety, utensil use and cooking techniques.¬†Each week will highlight key skills that will be practiced and reinforced throughout the curriculum. This is a kids-only program, so parents are welcome to drop their children off or stay at the culinary center and enjoy some R&R by the Koi pond.

Throughout the lessons, our Young Chefs will visit the culinary garden (weather-permitting) to identify foods and the ingredients we may need for our recipe. The objectives of these classes include:

  • Cutting soft foods using a child-safe knife (learning sizes and type of cuts).
  • Filling and measuring cups and spoons (learning accuracy, weight, and volume).
  • Cutting, grating, peeling, and separating eggs.
  • Learning how food is grown (we will visit the culinary garden).
  • Identifying good bugs, garden tools, type of plants, and soil health.
  • Caring for the plants based on their individual needs and characteristics (how to prune, how/when to water, weed control, insects inspection).
  • Tasting and experimenting with new foods and flavor.