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Why Choose Cooking with Fun



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Here are some reasons why you should consider culinary classes for your kids and why Cooking with Fun is your go-to learning center for culinary education:

favicon Small Classes

The kids-to-teacher ratio is low, so your child will absolutely get personal attention. The small size lets the students feel at ease, as if they were in their own kitchen.

favicon Hands-on Experience

Kids will appreciate real food when they can get their hands messy in the kitchen. That’s the goal of Cooking with Fun. In the kitchen, the kids will be selecting ingredients, chopping, mixing, pouring, and experiencing the chemistry between some ingredients. The experience provided by Cooking with Fun is fun hands-on!!

favicon Seasonal Recipes for Added Nutrition

The classes feature recipes using local seasonal ingredients, either harvested from the culinary garden in Ashburn, or sourced from a local farm.  Local seasonal food is packed with nutrients, is fresher, and is of higher quality. Does this mean we will never use chocolate since it’s not grown locally or in the garden? We will absolutely cook with chocolate and make chocolate yummies, as well as incorporate an ingredient from the garden so they can always see the connection between gardening, cooking, nutrition, and food.

favicon “Forever” Life Skills

Understanding food and how to cook it are basic life skills that are directly related to your children’s health in the long run. If your children are involved in cooking and learning about nutrition with “Cooking with Fun”, then when they are on her own you can feel confident that:

  1. They have the information they need to make healthy choices.
  2. They understands the advantages and drawbacks of their food choices to their health and to their budget.
  3. They will be self-sufficient and self-reliant as they will have the basic skills to whip up breakfast, lunch, or dinner and plan for their meals.
  4. They will probably become very popular as their friends will want to eat over and wish they had the basic culinary training.
  5. They will be able to pass on the tradition to their future families.