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favicon Meet the Founder and Culinary Instructor

Maria is the founder of Cooking with Fun LLC.  Her love of food, cooking, gardening, and kids inspired her to develop a program that promotes high quality garden fresh foods and a love of cooking.  As a mom of two young boys, she leads Cooking with Fun to encourage kids to try new foods and flavors with a focus on organic garden grown seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Maria’s lifelong enjoyment of food began with her Italian family. From a young age, Maria was taught authentic Southern Italian cooking and traditional farming by her mother and father respectively, both of whom were born and raised in Italy. Maria experienced the joy of seeing food growing in the garden, having big homemade meals, learning how to bring high quality foods into the home, and celebrating food and family. Maria developed Cooking with Fun to teach kids where food comes from, how to prepare it so that it is nutritious, and how to use it to bring families together. Since establishing Cooking with Fun in 2013, she has taught hundreds of local kids, adult, and families about cooking from scratch. She is a Certified Professional Food Manager.