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Planting Summer Garden with Your Kids



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It’s Mother’s Day. A time to honor our mothers who work tirelessly to give our families the best that life has to offer. In the gardening world, Mother’s Day represents much more. It marks the start of the summer garden. The frost is long gone and the nights are pleasant. The soil is warm enough to get those heat-loving plants into the ground. You’ve been planning for this moment all winter. You know how to design the beds and where your plants will go. It’s an exciting time. Before you pick up that shovel though, consider this: fb_gardenwork1Invite your kids to plant your summer garden with you. Wait a sec! Did I actually suggest inviting the kids out?? Those little beings that will most certainly mess up the garden beds, trample all over the plants, and slow you down big time. All gardeners know that this is not the time to slow down. It’s a race to get those plants in the ground as soon as possible. Alas, you are right. Time is critical at this point if your goal is a great harvest. But, hear me out. Till your garden, amend your soil, and design your beds. Invite them each time you’re out and they will most likely only stay for a short time. But the little time they do spend in the garden will prove to be immensely educational for them and help them develop life skills. Here are the top 10 reasons to invite your kids to help you:
favicon  Reason #10: They will get plenty of Vitamin D, straight from the sun. We can use use extra natural Vitamin D.
favicon  Reason #9: They are the perfect garden tillers. Give them a child-sized shovel and they will dig. You garden needed to be tilled anyway and now you don’t have to do it all yourself.
favicon  Reason #:8: They will naturally locate all the earthworms and rolly pollies. You probably won’t need to send your dirt to the lab after all since your kids can easily assess the soil health themselves.
favicon  Reason #:7: They will happily water your freshly planted plants. Of course, they will most likely hose down themselves and everything else around them but at least the plants will get water.
favicon  Reason #:6: They will make creative suggestions as to what to plant. Kids naturally think outside the box so their suggestions will be priceless and most probably make you smile. For example, my son once suggested planting “guacamole”. Why not!
favicon  Reason #5: Growing food at home will become a normal part of their upbringing. Because of this, they will most likely have a garden when they are older.
favicon  Reason #4: They will most likely want to taste the plants growing from the spring garden. Garlic, onions, spinach, kale, swiss chard, lettuce – all edible straight from the plant. Great way to shape their taste buds.
favicon  Reason #3: They may stop saying “Mommy’s Garden” or “Daddy’s Garden” and start saying “My Garden”. Taking ownership of the space will encourage them to care for the plans as they grow, harvest from them, and taste the fresh fruits and veggies growing. Bonus!
favicon  Reason #2: When they visit the local farmers markets, they will easily identify the plants for sale, but most importantly the available fruits and vegetables on display.
favicon  Reason #1: Yes, it will take twice as to get anything done in the garden and yes, they will probably mess up your plans (and plants) but, years later when you think about the times you spent with your young children, you will be thankful for the priceless memory. You kids will be thankful too.

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