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Summer Camps are so much fun at Cooking With Fun. They are typically half-days and held in July. Each week is focused on a special theme such as baking or preparing dinners. The summer schedule is posted by March so check back then or get on the mailing list here to get updated news.

These are some of the concept the camps may focus on:

Healthy “Fun” Cooking:

Every day, food grown in the garden will be featured for the day’s recipe(s). All recipes are 100% hands-on. The young chefs will do all of the measuring, stirring, cracking, cutting, and cleaning up too. Kitchen safety (with appliances, tools, knives, and hand-washing) will be reviewed daily in activity-based leaning.  One of the objectives of the cooking lesson is to promote “fun while cooking real food” as well as to encourage the kids to try all of Mother Nature’s good eats. The kids will make and bring home their recipe book of the dishes prepared over the week.


The garden is a key component of the week’s learning and the kids will be managing it on a daily basis. They will learn to plant, harvest, look for and manage good and bad bugs, compost, fertilize, and plan for the next season. The intent of the gardening lessons is to help kids feel comfortable with growing food, help them understand where real food actually comes from and the importance of growing food to their health and in achieving their goals.

Taste Test Party:

To cook, one must understand the taste profile of the ingredients. Salty or Sweet? Smooth or Chunky? Strong or Subtle? Edible raw?  Tastings are encouraged daily to foster the young chefs’ appreciation of flavor profiles, as well as (and most importantly) to expose them to new flavors. The grocery stores limits us to commercial flavors while the garden exposes us to a myriad of  unique, sun-ripened, and sun-sweetened good eats.


The nutrition lessons are based on the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute LEAN Start program. These are fun, activity-based lessons that teach children what to eat, but also WHY they should choose healthy food. Classes cover important concepts such as the quality of the food we eat, which food is best for our bodies, and how to read nutrition labels and understand what is really in packaged food.