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Program for Sous Chefs (ages 9-12)



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The Sous Chefs program is designed for children ages 9 to 12. In these hands-on classes, we explores the kids’ desire to create their unique products (the dish) using raw materials (the food). The kids are engaged in a variety if activities at a more complex, exacting level of performance, where their motor skills and thinking skills are challenged. The kids will learn age-appropriate basics of food and kitchen safety, utensil use and cooking techniques. Each week will highlight key skills that will be practiced and reinforced throughout the curriculum. This is a kids-only program, so parents are welcome to drop their children off or stay at the culinary center and enjoy some R&R by the Koi pond.

Throughout the lessons, our Sous Chefs will visit the culinary garden (weather-permitting) to identify foods and the ingredients we may need for our recipe. The objectives of these classes include:

  • Planning and preparing simple dishes and meals.
  • Following a recipe, measuring accurately, doubling the recipe.
  • Reading and interpreting food labels.
  • Describing the various cooking techniques (e.g., sautéing, pan frying, steaming, broiling, boiling and baking).
  • Handling and storing ingredients and finished dishes safely.
  • Identifying good bugs, garden tools, type of plants, and soil health.
  • Caring for the plants based on their individual needs and characteristics (how to prune, how/when to water, weed control, insects inspection).
  • Tasting and experimenting with new foods and flavors.