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Garden-grown tomatoes are so fresh and flavorful compared to store-bought. Raw green beans are a sweet pleasure just plucked from the plant. Peas are their crispiest picked in the morning, when the dew dries.  Garlic is so delicious and aromatic harvested just when needed. Cantaloupes develop a wonderful fragrance when they are ready to be picked. Kitchen food scraps turn into rich organic soil filled with nutrients for the plants.  Homemade tomato sauce from garden-grown tomatoes is rich and heavenly.  These topics as well as how to identify good food, reading and understanding food labels and ingredient lists, kitchen safety and sanitation, and the value of local farms and farmers’ markets, are just a few that will be explored with Cooking with Fun.

My friends, I’m so excited to announce the official opening of “Cooking with Fun” hands-on cooking and gardening learning center for kids ages 3-12.   This is not an ordinary cooking school that offers one-time classes on specific culinary themes; this is a cooking and gardening center inspiring kids to explore foods they grow in the garden, to start their own garden at home, and to incorporate the garden-grown food into nutritious fun recipes that they make. Cooking with Fun combines two key life skills, cooking and gardening, that are vitally important contributors to a long healthy life.  Kids will discover the pleasure in planting a seed and watching it grow, tasting the fruit/vegetable just plucked off the plant, and cooking it whole or as part of a recipe. With Cooking with Fun, they will learn the basic and advanced skills needed to plant, grow, harvest, and cook.  We will also explore ingredients supplied from other sources to understand nutritional value and the food’s many purposes in cooking. The program includes games, fact sheets, quizzes and worksheets that make learning how to grow, prepare, and cook easy and fun. As part of the program, the kids will put together a real food reference book, containing the gardening information learned and recipes cooked.

Cooking with Fun is not just a leaning environment; it’s a great food experience with a focus on having fun.  Looking forward to meeting your children and to plant and cook up some FUN!

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