Private Cooking Classes



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The private classes are one-on-one with your child. These 1-hour classes are designed to teach your young chef at his/her pace, based on his/her cooking level and comfort in the kitchen.  The program is customized for your child. They are 1 hour long and all hands-on non-stop learning. In terms of cooking skills, here is a high-level list:

Beginners: Basic Recipe Reading, Measuring Dry and Liquid Ingredients, General Knife Skills, Cutting Techniques (dicing, slicing, mincing etc), Grating Skills, Cooking Techniques: (pan frying, sautéing), Handling Meat, Working with Eggs (boiling, scrambling, poaching., etc), Mise en Place, Handling Meat, Breakfast/Snacks

Intermediate: Advanced Recipe Reading, measuring by weight, Knife Skills (julienne, etc), using tools (blender/food processor/hand mixer/immersion blender/etc), Making Pastry Dough,  Dips and Dressings, Making Fresh Pasta, Composing a lunch menu

Advanced:  Stock, Soups, Sauces (tomato, béchamel), Cooking Techniques (Braising, Roasting), Marinades, Tenderizing, Creams and Custards, Soufflés, Yeast and Making Bread, Composing a Dinner Menu

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