Kids Classes



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In our kids classes, children start building a foundation for gardening and cooking, and increase their knowledge of food.  The classes are based on a curriculum designed and catered to the age group. The classes feature a targeted learning topic associated with the food source (organic gardening, sustainable farms, or stores), the cooking (plan, prepare, and cook), and food nutrition (food labels, the homemade difference). Each weekly lesson builds upon itself and reinforces the lessons that have been taught.

The classes are part of the spring, summer, fall, or winter curriculum.

  • Spring Curriculum (April-June): The spring classes focus on planning/building the garden, prepping the soil, early planting, and spring harvesting. The kids prepare fun dishes that incorporate ingredients from spring crops.
  • Summer Curriculum (June-August): The summer classes focus on planting, tending to the plants, encouraging good bugs, harvesting, and planning for the fall crops. The kids prepare colorful dishes that are based on the weekly harvest.
  • Fall Curriculum (Sept-Dec):  The fall classes focus on making seeds, harvesting cold-weather crops, and composting. The kids prepare yummy dishes that include fall ingredients.
  • Winter Curriculum (Jan-March): The winter classes focus on composting, starting a greenhouse, and planting seeds based on the month and the moon. The kids prepare, cook, or bake bright dishes with a winter flair.

The classes are personalized (up to 4 children) and designed based on the following age groups:

  • Little Helpers (age 3-5): The exciting learning theme leverages our Little Helpers’ immense curiosity to keep them engaged and learning.
  • Young Chefs (age 6-8): The Young Chefs program harnesses the children’s desire to challenge themselves and accomplish a task.
  • Sous Chefs (age 9+): The Sous Chefs program explores the children’s desire to create their unique products (the dish) using raw materials (the food). The kids are engaged in a variety of activities at a more complex, exacting level of performance, where their motor skills and thinking skills are challenged.