Birthday Parties



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Each cooking birthday party is custom-designed based on:

  1. your budget
  2. number of kids
  3. what your birthday child wants to cook or likes to eat
  4. food allergies

Each child prepares their own recipe with all cooking steps 100% hands-on. Parties can include the preparation of an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert – all made within the planned time with time left for eating. The kids get a chef hat and a color recipe booklet with the recipes made during the party. All the ingredients, tools, utensils, bowls, plates, tablecloths, and equipment are transported to the hostess’ home where the party usually takes place. When the party is done, your kitchen and floor are cleaned spotless. Cooking With Fun makes parties easy, fun, and memorable for families. For a quote, send an email to

Here’s an example of recipes the kids can prepare during a party. Keep in mind that this is a short sample list. As mentioned above, all parties are designed to your specifications.

Appetizer Examples
– Mini skewers with tomato, baby mozzarella, herb, and sausage (or any ingredients you prefer)
– Guacamole on a tortilla cone
– Mini BLT Tea Sandwich
– Caesar Salad Parmesan Cups
– Cheesy Breadsticks or Garlic Knots

Entree Examples
– Homemade Pasta (dough from scratch) with Sauce
– Handmade Ravioli with cheese-spinach stuffing (or custom stuffing)
– Lasagna Rollups with homemade dough
– Ham and Cheese Crescent
– Calzone (meat/veggie option)
– Quiche Loraine
– Homemade Custom Pizza from handmade dough

Dessert Examples
– Mini Chocolate or Vanilla Cake (4″ big), baked and/or decorated
– Individual Cupcake, baked and/or decorated
– Glazed Orange Cranberry Scone (or chocolate chips scones)
– Tiramisu (Italian dessert)
– Mini Apple Pie (about 4″) – everyone makes the crust and filling from scratch