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When your child enters the culinary center, he/she will be greeted with a passionate culinary coach, an ambiance sizzling with energy, and a team of kids ready to get their hands dirty.  Your child will have fun, feel safe, and make tremendous strides in learning about healthy foods. These aren’t your typical cooking classes, but rather hands-on cooking, gardening, and food nutrition lessons teaching your child basic life skills. The curriculum covers all aspects of food – from the food source to the finished dish and everything in between.  The goals of the program include teaching your child where real food comes from, how to garden, how to cook simple and complex dishes and meals,  how food (real and packaged) affects them, how to read food labels, and the importance of local farms. The program will also help parents feel confident that their children are acquiring the knowledge and know-how to be able to make healthy food choices once they are no longer home.

Cooking with Fun offers several types of classes and workshops:

favicon Kids Classes:

In our kids classes, children start building a foundation for gardening and cooking, and increase their knowledge of food.  The weekly classes are based on a curriculum designed and catered to the age group. The classes feature a targeted learning topic associated with the food source (organic gardening, sustainable farms, or stores), the cooking (plan, prepare, and cook), and food nutrition (food labels, the homemade difference). Each weekly lesson builds upon itself and reinforces the lessons that have been taught. For more information, click here.

favicon Kids Workshops:

The workshops are one-time sessions where the children are immersed in a particular topic. The cooking topics can range from a particular ingredient such as chocolate to a country of origin such as Italian cooking. The gardening topics can range from composting to garden planning. The workshops are a great way to improve a particular skill, or to simply learn more about a topic.


favicon Adult Workshops:

Why spend time learning new recipes by trial and error when you can get the final results and tips from someone who has done all the testing already? These workshops teach recipes and the tips to make them successfully at home.


favicon After School Kids Program:

We’ll bring all the ingredients and equipment to the schools for some hands-on healthy learning and snacking.

favicon Special Workshops (Birthday Parties, etc):

We can create a workshop to meet your needs and customized for the audience. It can be gardening-related, hands-on recipe preparation, or a fun game on nutrition.